Elopements and Small Weddings vs. Big Weddings
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Elopements and Small Weddings Vs Big Weddings – 6 reasons why bigger isn’t always better.

1. Elopements and Small weddings are much easier to organise.

If you stick to a simple plan, tasks like organising wedding venue, catering, flowers, invitations, cars, dresses and suits can be done with the minimum of fuss.  Less people means less of everything else.  The good thing about having less to organise, means you may be able to have your wedding sooner rather than later.


2. Your budget goes a lot further.

With the average cost of a wedding now $36K.   Many couples are reluctant to spend a house deposit, car, overseas holiday, university degree, etc on a wedding. That’s not to say they don’t want to have a full wedding experience.  It’s just that when it comes to spending money on a wedding, certain items are a higher priority than others.  Luckily there are some high quality small wedding / elopement packages out there that are less than $5k with everything included.  Many couples are choosing this option over a more expensive affair.


3. With a small wedding, you can be more selective with your guest list.

Having a smaller number of people at your wedding means you can invite only those you want.  The other advantage in having less guests, means you have more time to interact with them.  Many couples comment that they didn’t have enough time at their wedding to connect with their guests.


4. Just because you are having a small wedding, doesn’t mean it can’t have a sense of occasion.

Intimate weddings are very personal and therefore quite emotional.  Also, a lot of couples don’t feel comfortable being in front of large crowds, which is why being in front of a small audience can reduce anxiety considerably.  This helps the couple to relax and enjoy one of the most important moments of their life.


5. Short and sweet is the key.

The reception doesn’t drag out at a small wedding.  As the saying goes, here for a good time, not a long time. A small wedding means you can have the same amount of fun as a larger wedding, just within a shorter timeframe.  There are less hangovers, less leftover food and drink and of course less family feuds.


6. In the past if was difficult to find wedding suppliers who catered for smaller weddings.

Many venues had minimum spend / minimum numbers which restricted the ability for couples to have a quality small wedding or elopement.  Couples ended up either resorting to organising the entire weddings themselves or just throwing in the towel and getting married at the Registry Office.  Nowadays there are a range of different venues and locations available for couples to access high quality suppliers for a small wedding / elopement.

About Pash & Dash Weddings – Australia’s first premium Small Wedding / Elopement Events giving you exclusive access to the best of the Wedding Industry for your special day.  We provide premium, all-inclusive Small Wedding and Elopement packages around Australia.  If you’re looking to Elope to the Sunshine Coast, visit www.pashanddashweddings.com.au

  • Nicky Fietz
    Posted at 08:55h, 06 February Reply

    Great article… these are some of the reasons my fiancé and I are choosing to have an intimate/small wedding… we love that that it will be cheaper, less to fuss over and more time to spend with guests. It suits us to a T and allows us to focus on having a great honeymoon and still allowing us to buy a house (which is a huge priority for us).

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