5 Reasons to Elope to the Sunshine Coast
There are elopements, and then there are Pash & Dash Small Weddings. Australia's only Premium Small Wedding and Elopement Events using the best suppliers in the wedding industry. Elope in style to the best wedding venues in Australia including Maleny Manor, Sunshine Coast and Laurelville Manor, Western Australia.
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5 Reasons you should pick the Sunshine Coast for your Small Wedding or Elopement.

1. The Sunshine Coast isn’t a location – it’s a destination.

Known for being a magnet for tourists searching for the perfect holiday spot, the Sunshine Coast has developed a reputation for being the wedding capital of Australia. Not just the big, extravagant events but also the small, intimate affairs. What’s great for a lot of guests is also perfect for a few. When you visit the Sunshine Coast, romance is what you’ll find.


2. Getting in and out is a breeze.

The Sunshine Coast has it’s own airport and is just over an hour from the Brisbane airport. With services by Virgin and Jetstar, flying to and from major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast is easier to get to than people think. Access has increased the number of couples eloping considerably. Fancy a romantic couple of days away? Lets fly up to the Sunshine Coast and get married. Why not take a few friends as well.


 3. You’re spoilt for locations.

Coast, Beach or Hinterland. If your favourite is taken, your second favourite is just as good. That’s the great thing about the Sunshine Coast. You want to elope on a beach, there is no shortage there, how about a swanky hotel, tick, what about a romantic hinterland getaway, take your pick.


 4. It has a well established Wedding Industry

Weddings are what they do best. Over the last 10 years the wedding industry on the Sunshine Coast has built a world-class reputation. More and more people each year are getting married there. Suppliers are able to cater for every requirement, which means less stress. Let the experts handle it.


 5. The Weather – It’s called the Sunshine Coast for a reason!


About Pash & Dash Weddings – Australia’s first premium Small Wedding / Elopement Events giving you exclusive access to the best of the Wedding Industry for your special day.  We provide premium, all-inclusive Small Wedding and Elopement packages around Australia.  If you’re looking to Elope to the Sunshine Coast, visit www.pashanddashweddings.com.au


Photo Credit: www.artographyweddings.com.au

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